The Alliance for Creative Outreach (TACO) exists to share God’s love with the lost, lonely and disenfranchised

by uniting and equipping a network of passionate Christian content creators on multiple platforms all around the world

to develop a brand of content that is culturally engaging, welcoming, and God-honoring

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Can a bunch of gamers, livestreamers, and digital artists really make a difference in someone's life?

I was at a very low point and badly in need of fellowship and connections with like minded people. I found a community of people full of warmth, encouragement and people who loved Jesus. I feel as though I have woken up from a long spiritual and mental slumber.


I moved to a town where I didn’t know anyone. And during that time, online friends, online Christians, online gamers, helped keep me sane and from feeling lonely. And it was extra special when someone could fill all three of those roles. Ninja and his community are trying to do that and then some.


When I came across XtianNinja’s channel on Twitch, I recognized he had a goal that was more than simply streaming and playing games. As I continued watching his streams, I saw how happy he was (and is) to be a true friend and reach out to those who may be hurting, whether they’re comfortable opening up or staying silent, all while having lots of fun with the community. XtianNinja is willing to make himself vulnerable and shares about his own struggles with the intent of lifting someone else up, and I find that highly admirable. He has been a great example to me for reaching out to others while still having a good time.


I had a blast in the Christian Content Creator Class. XtianNinja really delve into not just being a Christian Content Creator but also being a Christian Leader and how to be a good influencer to your community. I won't spoil what's in class but you must join it to experience it. The class is small and intimate and really not only learned from XtianNinja but from my classmates. I also enjoyed the after class discussion and interactions. I will be carrying with me all the learnings from CCCC and be applying it to my ministry.


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