Hello world! Love, T.A.C.O.

We’re just getting started! The Alliance for Creative Outreach (TACO) is the brainchild of a handful of Christian Twitch streamers. We realized that we could do more – and do it better – by coming together to support one another, train one another, and challenge one another.

We’ve found friends in the digital world – friends who wouldn’t have shown up at our churches. Not just people who aren’t Christian, but also people who stopped going to church due to illness or work schedules or personal conflicts. Add to that some Christians who want entertainment and content that reflects their values, but isn’t cheesy or preachy. And everyone wants to watch what speaks to their fandoms and the things they find fun, on the apps where they’re already hanging out.

We’ve also noticed that churches…don’t know how to reach these audiences. You can’t just point a camera at your pastor on Sunday morning and expect to reach people who wouldn’t go to church. But sadly, that’s about all most churches publish online.

So we talked about it on our streams. We posted about it on YouTube . We discussed it on Discord. We heard a lot of the same things from other Christian content creators. We want to do better, and bigger, things. We want to collaborate with others. We want to make content that matters, and that reaches people, and that is really good content. But we also want to do it right! We don’t want to flame out, or burn out, or sell out. We want to really serve people, not just entertain them. So XtianNinja asked if some of us would be interested in some leadership training, and from the small group that took that first class… a network concept was born.

Stay tuned for more as we roll out our network…The Alliance for Creative Outreach.