TACO Update and Recent TACO Talks

TACO Update: We’re still working toward a rollout! When we looked at the roles we want to fill and how we want TACO to look, we realized we needed a few more people involved. So XtianNinja decided to go ahead and open up a training class – and it filled up really quick! (So quick I didn’t have a chance to invite YOU.) I’ll also be posting openings for some board positions very soon. These would be a great way to get involved if you aren’t a content creator, but are still very excited about what we’re doing, and feel God’s tug on your heart.

Recent TACO Talks: XtianNinja has been doing “TACO Tuesday” over on his stream. It’s a day to address content creator questions and issues, and Discord members are invited to suggest topics in advance each week. Each of these is edited down into a YouTube video and posted on his channel. Check out the most recent ones here:

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