Launch complete!

The TACO Network is officially launched!

In early December, we announced our initial 4 TACO Team creators:

XtianNinja, Ukulele4Worship, TheQuizKing, and Chovey

Then we had our first Official TACO Team Challenge.
XtianNinja challenged all the team members to a little FPS game called “Christmas Time 2019”, where you had to shoot Christmas presents at chimneys while not getting hit by cars. The challenge was to beat his high score of 1455 in 4 attempts. Chovey and Ukulele were pretty sure Ninja had cheated, until Quiz scored 2550. I guess we know who the FPS players are!

Best of all, we had our first creator team event, the “TACO Truck Raid Train”.

This was a Twitch raid train, where each creator did a livestream and then took all their viewers over to the next creator’s livestream. All our TACO Team creators used official TACO logos and transitions in their overlays, shared a devotional of their own on 2 Corinthians 5:17, provided some of their own original content, and then contributed to the new party island on our Planet TACO Minecraft server. The party island included a stage, dance floor, plushie concession stand, fishing dock and – of course – a Taco Food Truck! (This entire Minecraft server, with over 119 mods and lots of fun party tricks, is available to our community members, and we will continue to develop this party island for future events.) The day culminated in a fireworks event within Planet TACO, livestreamed on Chovey’s channel.

We plan to have a TACO Team event on the final Friday of each month next year, as well as continued training, challenges, and team support.

Won’t YOU support what we’re doing with TACO (The Alliance for Creative Outreach)? Our biggest needs right now are:

  • Assistance in filing for Non-Profit status without breaking the bank
  • Someone to help keep our social media and website updated
  • A prayer warrior to organize prayer coverage for our leaders, trainees, and community
  • Prize donations that we can use as giveaways for events
  • Your gifts and talents. Yes, yours!

Contact any of the creators above, or if you’d like to be involved.