TACO Training Open Enrollment

A new session of TACO Training is open for enrollment. The class will be on Fridays at 7pm ET.

The Vision: To help Christian Creators use their skills and passions in the most effective and God-honouring way possible through mutual accountability, leadership training, and peer content evaluation.

Where: Discord Mentorship Class VC (Possibly the new TACO Discord?)

When: Starting Friday, February 17th

Who is it available to?: Priority will be given to Content Creators who want to apply to be part of the TACO Team, but Content Creators of any variety are invited: Artists, YouTubers, Streamers, Musicians, Writers… Anyone who wants to use their creative abilities to serve God and connect with people through their chosen medium. (The class will be closed to new members once it starts, to facilitate building relationships and encourage people to share.)

What will the classes look like?: 10min Greeting & Prayer, 50min EQUIP Teaching & Discussion, 10-15min Peer-to-Peer Creator Critiques

What do I need to do in order to attend?: Contact me XtianNinja directly before Friday Feb 10th to confirm your attendance. You will then be given the curriculum to review before we start.