Achievement Unlocked: T.A.C.O. is officially a non-profit!

The Alliance for Creative Outreach (TACO) is so excited to announce that we are officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! (This means that we’re an officially registered charitable organization with the IRS.)
I want to thank the TACO Board, and especially TheQuizKing as our Financial Director, for their hard work creating the organizational structure and bylaws and filing the necessary applications and paperwork.

We JUST FOUND OUT, so we need to hook this up to our TACO bank account and get some procedures in place before we intake donations! But this is a BIG DEAL.

What this means for TACO as an organization:

  • Donations made to TACO will qualify for tax-exemption
    • This makes donating more attractive for many people
    • It also provides a level of legitimacy
  • We will qualify for gifts & grants from non-profits/churches/ministries that want to further our cause
    • Some groups or creators may be more likely to partner or collaborate
    • or to provide giveaways for events
    • or resources for our creators
  • We will be able to sign up for many resources at a lower cost available to non-profits
    • That will help our team create products that support Christian content creators

This also launches us into a new stage in our organization where we need to buckle down and do some hard work.

  • We need to document any income or expenditures, and that has to be made publicly accessible
  • We have to be faithful in how we use TACO time, money, and resources specifically for the mission:

to share God’s love with the lost, lonely and disenfranchised people of the world
uniting and equipping
a network of passionate Christian content creators
on multiple platforms all around the world

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who prayed for us and encouraged us along this journey.

We need help now, more than ever, to keep TACO growing! We need volunteers with a variety of different skills, so if you’re excited to help us support Christian Content Creators, please talk to any TACO Team or board member for ways you can get involved!