Achievement Unlocked: T.A.C.O. is officially a non-profit!

The Alliance for Creative Outreach (TACO) is so excited to announce that we are officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! (This means that we’re an officially registered charitable organization with the IRS.) want to thank the TACO Board, and especially TheQuizKing as our Financial Director, for their hard work creating the organizational structure and bylaws and […]

January TACO Team Party Stream

December TACO Team Event

Join the team on Samus’ stream tonite 6-8pm ET for our FINAL final Friday of the year! Game Giveaways, vote on our coloring skills, and see who putts better.

Welcome DonnieDreams to the Team!

I want to formally introduce and welcome the newest member of the TACO Team: @DonnieDreams!!! Donnie’s heart is for “empowering young men and women with the truth of God’s Word, equipping them to fulfill their greatest potential, and bolstering them overcome any storms life may throw their way. Through the Bible, games, dad jokes, fun, […]

TACO Sponsors Small Streamer Event

Join us October 21, 2023 for lots of fun on the #BlessingBoat ! Some meet some new faces, and maybe win one of the #giveaways . Supporting Christian creators is core to TACO’s mission, so we jumped at the chance to sponsor this event. Start at .

Welcome Samus419 to the TACO Team

Welcome to the T.A.C.O. Creator Team, @Samus419! Samus was in our 3rd run of the Christian Creator training, and has been working hard to get to the 300 follower minimum to join the team. Meanwhile, she has become an active member of our Discord, and one of the first members of the Community Allies group […]

TACO Events for Aug & Sept, FREE Content Creator Training

The August TACO Team event was a team party on XtianNinja’s channel. We discussed Christian brotherhood, had multiple game code giveaways, and competed in Fall Guys. (The competition wasn’t much, as you can see in this clip.) The September TACO Team event is scheduled for Friday evening, Sept 29th on TheQuizKing’s channel. Last call for […]

event poster

July’s TACO Party – Christmas in July!

Friday  7/28/2023 was the TACO Truck event for The Alliance for Creative Outreach ( ).  TACO is a developing network of Christian content creators to be faithful to Christ in their content creation and community building, with training, support, and resources for content creators. For our “Final Friday” event, instead of a raid train, we […]

TACO’s Community Allies Announcement

The Alliance for Creative Outreach is pleased to announce the launch of our Community Allies group. Please read this letter from the group leader, SisPineapple, as well as introductions from group members DonnieDreams and Samus419. Hi everyone, I am SisPineapple from the UK – that land of funny accents, posh tea parties and umbrellas due […]

June’s TACO event

We’re mixing it up a little! Catch ALL the TACO Team together in ONE stream for 2 hours only! Can Ukulele4Worship teach the team a Sunday School song with motions? Which team member will dominate in the Tricky Towers Tournament? Which viewer will win a copy of Legend of Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom? And how […]