Are you a content creator, influencer, blogger, vlogger, streamer, artist…any kind of digital creative? Join with creators whose values and commitment match your own, to support one another through encouragement, creative collaboration, and continuous innovation.

Once we get set up a little bit more, here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Join the XtianNinja Discord community. This is where we get to know you, and you get to know our community.
  2. Apply to join the team. Ideally, you’ll already be consistently creating content on one platform, with a minimum around 300 followers. So tell us about yourself, your content, and your community.
  3. Sign up for our creatorship training course. This isn’t just another technical training. This program – two 8-week classes (one 1hr class per week) – really delves into the why, how, and for whom (and for Him) that we as Christian creators need as a foundation for our content. Figure out how God wants to use your specific spiritual gifts and talents, who you are serving, and how to be a good steward of your servant-leadership. Taking the course through TACO means you’ll get to know our TACO Team Members, and the other creators joining with you.
  4. Content evaluation. Have you ever asked for feedback on your creations and gotten…crickets? Not here! A big part of our application and training process is to provide one another with feedback. Using a rubric with technical, interactive, and content questions, each of our applicants gets real, constructive, and useful feedback from peers and trainer(s) who understand what content creation is like, who have gotten to know you, and who understand your goals. (That is way better than submitting your site for some “expert YouTuber” to review.)

While you’re involved in the training and evaluation process, you’ll be a TACO Trainee. That means you’ll have access to special areas of our Discord where you can chat with our Team Members specifically about what TACO is like. You’ll also be able to participate in special events and collaborations designed to include our TACO Trainees, and help you promote your channel! This is a really special time where our team gets to know you better, and figure out how we can best support your content.

Once you’ve successfully completed the training and addressed any serious issues found during evaluation, the TACO Leadership Team and TACO Team Members will vote on inducting you as a full TACO Team Member. Hey, if you’ve gotten this far, it’s pretty likely you’re a shoe-in.