Terminating Events

Any of the following found to be part of your content or while involved in organization or community activities, will result in termination of all relationships with TACO.

  • Performing or promoting criminal or illegal activities.
  • Hate speech or harassment.
  • Sexual, sexualized, or suggestive content, nudity (partial or whole), sexual acts (even implied), or sex toys.
  • Use of alcohol, narcotics, tobacco, or other intoxicants (except as prescribed) – even if it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction.
  • Supporting or promoting beliefs which conflict with the Network Statement of Beliefs.
  • Publically badmouthing, slandering, gossiping, or insulting someone – even if they are not present or not part of the network. (Except as satire, performance, or in context of game/media review.)
  • Non-consensual smack-talk or trash-talk meant to hurt or offend.
  • Doxing, revealing IRL names not already made public, or revealing faces where not otherwise public.
  • Hacking, or causing other people’s games, systems, or streams to crash.


We recognize that some games and media may contain M-rated content (or activities described above), and that creators may choose this type of content to reach a certain demographic. We also recognize that creators may choose to collaborate with people outside of the organization, or be in multi-player games with other people, and those people may have language or conduct which would violate our rules.  This is allowed.  

  • If possible, and appropriate for your platform/audience, content warnings should be used.
  • If there is any question about content being appropriate, please ask the ED, BC, or a board member first.

Behavioral Guidelines

The following Guidelines should be maintained regarding your content or while involved in community activities:

  • Minimal swearing, infrequent use of strong language.
  • Deal honestly, ethically and decently in all matters, including financial.
  • Extend grace to others, and deal with interpersonal conflicts in a quick, Biblical, peacemaking manner (see Matthew 5:23-24, Matthew 7:2, Matthew 18:15-17, etc.)


  • Issues unable to be resolved between creators should be brought to the Creator Liaison or another director.
    • If it cannot be resolved quickly, a formal written complaint may be filed. Where possible, screenshots or other evidence should be presented with the formal complaint.
  • If a creator is observed to have committed a “terminating event”, or exhibits a regular disregard for behavioral guidelines, a report should be submitted to the Creator Liaison or another director in writing. Where possible, screenshots or other evidence should be included with the report. Board decisions are final.
  • Once something is brought before the board, the ruling of the board is final.