Onboarding Steps

  • Agree to all Organizational documents
  • Complete training & evaluation
  • Be approved as a TACO Team Member
  • Provide contact info to TACO Communications Director

TACO Team Member Action Items

  • Use the TACO logo: Include the logo for The Alliance for Creative Outreach (TACO) in places that make sense for your content.
  • Participate in TACO Team Members planning meetings!
    • Get things you are excited about on the schedule! Planning meetings are where we talk about what events are coming up, and what collaborations we’d like to do. This is your chance to make sure there are things you are excited about happening at TACO, and to be included in group and collaborative content.
    • If you must miss a meeting, please contact the Executive Director or the Board Chair in advance.
  • Do Good Works! Participate in events, collaborations, trainings, meetings, charity work, etc
  • Track your TACO TARGET program points, and submit to Communications Director before the quarterly board meeting
  • Report Network “Run Scoring” events
    • Meaningful community moment (crisis support, counselling time, helping with a struggle)
    • Something you did goes viral (compared to your prior numbers)
    • New believers – when someone reports giving their life to Christ because of your content/community
    • Full Time Missional Status – creator is able to go FT due to network involvement
    • TACO Network IRL Meetings (pics or it didn’t happen!)
  • Communicate with the Leadership Team: We want to help!
  • Engage with Discord:
    • TACO Network Discord – chat up the community and other creators
    • Maintain and engage in your Discord category in the TACO Network Discord

TACO Team Member Requirements

  • Keep creating content: Maintain the level of content creation you committed to on sign-up.
  • Keep your user counts: Maintain the minimum user levels required for your primary platform.
  • Honor Code of Conduct
  • Report Concerns: Bring any conduct concerns you observe, or which are reported to you, to a member of the leadership team.