Things are happening!

It can be hard to tell from the outside, but we’re making a lot of progress on the TACO network.

We’ve established our Executive Director and Board Chair people. We have talked to people we’d like to see in a couple other board positions, and asked them to pray about their involvement. We need at least a few people manning their stations to get the TACO truck on the road.

XtianNinja has been working on the official version of the training. Our first group used a church leadership training book as a jumping-off point, with a lot of tweaking, and we quickly realized that wasn’t going to be repeatable. So he’s trying to decide if he can rewrite it behind the scenes, or if we need to run a second group through the training and record it this time so that we can use the transcription to write our training book. We also need to modify our evaluation rubric, which is heavily streamer-oriented, to be useful for all types of digital creatives. (Or possibly have different versions of the rubric?)

But perhaps our most exciting recent breakthrough (I saved the best for last) is that we have a logo! Did you notice it at the top of the webpage? Well, here it is in full glory:

The T.A.C.O. logo.

Yep, things are starting to come together. God has a plan, and we’re just beginning to catch up with it. I can’t wait to see what’s next!