TACO’s Community Allies Announcement

The Alliance for Creative Outreach is pleased to announce the launch of our Community Allies group. Please read this letter from the group leader, SisPineapple, as well as introductions from group members DonnieDreams and Samus419.

Hi everyone, I am SisPineapple from the UK – that land of funny accents, posh tea parties and umbrellas due to all the rain! It has been amazing to get to know so many of you during my time on Twitch and Discord and I really do think of you as friends, for many this means we are also brothers and sisters in Christ. I am eager to help with the building and growing of the community and for each person to know that they matter and are valued.  We are all so much more than just text on a screen, we are real human beings with real thoughts and feelings behind the words.

To help with this the COMMUNITY ALLIES GROUP has been formed.

The initial aim of the Group is to ensure the prayer requests posted on the TACO Discord, are prayed about in an organised intentional way and that no one is over looked. You are all important and your needs and requests are important to God and to the TACO Community.  My vision is to have a praying community, where everyone can be assured their requests will not be overlooked or forgotten as the page scrolls up.  The Community Allies have committed to pray daily and bring all the needs posted to our Heavenly Father – also don’t be too surprised if we get back to you to ask how you got on!  

We also aim to put together a list of international resources – helpful websites for mental health, spiritual health for example, which will be of use to  the community. Once the Group has become settled in, there is scope for arranging community events such as prayer and fasting days.

The Group is being launched with DonnieDreams, Samus419 and myself and it is anticipated others will be added as the community grows.  It will be really helpful if as well as the prayer requests, you can also post updates and answered prayers in the Discord channel if you are comfortable doing so.

We are excited about this and recognise what a privilege it is to be able to serve you in this way.   Discord itself will not look much different but in the back ground, we will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless,


DonnieDreams:  Ok, little about me. I came to know about TACO through xtianninja. Been part of his discord and community for nearly a year and a half now. Joined the prayer team because it will give me a way to connect with other members of the TACO community. A strong prayer can lift people’s spirits, encourage them, and help them face hard circumstances. Prayer is a direct line to the almighty creator. Psalm 66:19 says “But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.” and it’s through prayer and petition of the saints that miracles happen.

Hi my name is Samus, I am a variety streamer and I connected with TACO through the streamer training. I care about the community, so I want to help. I wish I could give you all a spiritual hug and prayer is a way of doing that.